Composite Panels



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Castle Metal Products is one of the leading fabricators for composite material. Our 2 / 70″ x 216″ routing tables are state of the art. With one of kind software we can fabricate any and all of your composite needs.

What is composite?

Composite is a aluminum skin bonded to a thermoplastic core without the use of adhesive. The material is rout, bent or rolled to form a Wall Panel, Column Covers, Soffit or Fascia. There are only a handfull of manufacturers producing this type of product.

The most popular system utilizes is a caulk joint. After review the installed of the project and replacing any damage panels the seams are then chalk to make the panel joints weather-tight.

The second most popular system is a Rain Screen. This system utilizes an aluminum extruded border around the panel and is installed on an extruded framing system that is attached to the wall. The Weather Barrier is at the wall in the form of water proofing membrane. The System allows any moisture that enters to flow to the bottom of the system and exit though the flashings.

We at Castle Metal Products can supply your needs with both systems. Are systems are fully tested and performing on building across the country.


  • C-100 Wet System Testing
    ASTM E283-04 Air Infiltration
    ASTM E331-00 Water Penetration
    ASTM E330 Uniform Load Positive & Negative Load
  • R-200 Rain Screen
    ASTM E283 Air Infiltration
    ASTM E331 Water Penetration Resistance
    ASTM E330 Structural Performance