Top Slate Ridge Vent


  • Eliminates unsightly, sort-lived roof cement, seams and exposed fasteners.
  • Is as durable as the slate roof it completes.
  • Installs easily
  • Strengthens weak, wind-vulnerable perimeters.
  • Allows slates to be mounted to the ridge without puncturing the slate or the underlying fixture.
  • Ventilates (optional)

Eliminates short-lives roof cements, seams and exposed fasteners

The elegant simplicity of slate installation typically comes to a sticky, messy halt when the final perimeter slates are applied. In conventional installation, roof cements is used in an attempt to fill ridge and hip seams and to cover nail holes. Roof cement last 5-10 years when exposed. it is a quick fix and is not compatible with sound slate installation.

Last as long as the slate

Because high-grade slate lasts 75-125 years, roof cement, light gauge metal and plastics (all of which degrade under sunlight) should not be used. The principle components of TopSlate are 2 1/2 times the thickness of typical, prefabricated, external flashings and vents.

Installs Quickly

Interlocking 10′-0″ sections, snap-caps and drop in slate attachment speed installation.

Make weak areas strong

In conventional installation, ridge and hip slates are, perforce, nailed badly. Nails must be placed in the slate’s corners or along their upper edges. These are the most fragile areas of the slates and provide the least resistance to wind uplift.

The areas the need to be the strongest are, instead the weakest.

TopSlate units are permanently fixed to the roof with a unique internal anchor. An 8-12″ lag screw and the vice like action they produce clamps the unit (and underlying slate courses) to the roof, creating the strongest, most durable ridge, hip and vent in the industry.


TopSlate accommodates most roof construction, with or without ridge pole.

Designing for the extreme demands of slate roofs. TopSlate is ideal for other applications which require maximum longevity and strength.

Note: When specifying TopSlate vents, provide for appropriate soffit ventilation. Continuous vents, of any kind, are note recommended for use on hips. Where TopSlate is to be applied to hips, use “Caps” (see “Models”).

TopSlate: US Patent Number 5,713,158

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