Column Covers

Castle Metal Products possesses deep expertise in fabricating high quality column covers.  With a large selection of standard colors and an endless variety of colors available in a vast selection of materials, we can deliver flexible and aesthetically pleasing column covers for interior or exterior structural beams.

Color Options

Column Cover Systems

Series 1000 Round

Series 1000 Round column covers offer superior design flexibility with a wide-range of color and material options.  The Series 1000 column cover system are custom fabricated to fit the structural beam application in your project.

Series 1000 Cut Sheet

Series 2000 Rectangular

Series 2000 Rectangular column covers are designed with easy to install systems.  The Series 2000 column covers are fabricated to fit a wide-range of beam widths.

Series 2000 Cut Sheet

Series 3000 Oblong

The Series 3000 Oblong column covers provide a unique and modern aesthetic for oval or multiple beam applications.  The Series 3000 offers flexibility and is designed for efficient installation.

Series 3000 Cut Sheet

Available Materials

  • Aluminum Composite: 4mm to 6mm
  • Aluminum: .080 to .125
  • Stainless Steel: 16-gauge