Column Covers

Castle Metal Products possesses deep expertise in fabricating high quality column covers.  With a large selection of standard colors and an endless variety of colors available in a vast selection of materials, we can deliver flexible and aesthetically pleasing column covers for interior or exterior structural beams.

Color Options

Joint Systems

Caulk Joint

The Caulk Joint system leaves a small vertical joint which is sealed with caulk to provide a seamless appearance.

Caulk Joint Drawing

Channel Joint

The Channel Joint is an installation-friendly and visually appealing column cover solution where a metal filler piece is placed vertically in the joint where the two panels meet. This is a dry solution that avoids the need for caulk.

Channel Joint Drawing

Hairline Joint

The Hairline Joint is a sleek design where the column panels are fastened flush to each other producing a thin seam.

Hairline Joint Drawing

Available Materials

  • Aluminum Composite: 4mm to 6mm
  • Aluminum: .080 to .125
  • Stainless Steel: 16-gauge