Composite Panels

Castle Metal Products is the premier fabricator of composite material.  Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a an aluminum skin bonded to a thermoplastic core without the use of adhesive.  It is utilized for flexible and appealing commercial and retail architectural design.

Castle Metal Products fabricates the panels with state of the art routing tables and computer software to ensure precise panel dimensions and reliable quality.  We offer four composite panel systems to meet your needs.

Color Options

Panel Systems

RS-400 Rainscreen System

Castle Metal Products’ RS-400 Rainscreen System offers the highest industry tested performance ratings with compliance with both the AAMA 509-09 DBV as well as the AAMA 508-07. The RS-400 system offers simple installation with the most stringent building specifications.

RS-400 System Composite Cut SheetRS-400 System Metal Plate Cut Sheet

R-300 Molding System

The R-300 Molding System is designed with installation in mind. The aluminum tracks are specifically designed to simplify and accelerate installation. Through a highly engineered extrusion system, the panels are easily nested providing an aesthetically pleasing cladding.

R-300 System Cut Sheet

RS-200 Rainscreen System

The RS-200 Rainscreen system is designed to eliminate the need for caulk. It utilizes an extruded aluminum track system with a color spline. The spline is available in a wide-range of colors to either match the panels or provide an accent color.

RS-200 System Composite Cut SheetRS-200 System Metal Plate Cut Sheet

C-100 Route & Return Wet Joint System

The C-100 Route & Return wet system is a common choice due to its clean and flat look. The panels are manufactured to a 1-inch depth using intermittent clips and installed on plywood or a framework of sub-girts.

C-100 System Composite Cut SheetC-100 System Metal Plate Cut Sheet

Independent Lab Testing

  • AAMA 508-07
  • AAMA 509-09
  • Air Infiltration: ASTM E283
  • Water Penetration Resistance: ASTM E331
  • Structural Performance: ASTM E330

Available Materials

  • Aluminum Composite: 4mm to 6mm
  • Aluminum: .080 to .125
  • Stainless Steel: 16-gauge